High speed roll door

The high speed roll doors design is unique. The door roll is located on the back of the door. Moving parts are thus placed inside the cell, out of reach for the operator. Further, this deisgn allows a forklift to get closer and deeper into the cell e.g. at tool exchange.

The high speed roll door has long durability and low operating costs. In other words, it is a long-term and cost effective investment.

The standard colour is blue (RAL 5007) but can be customized to your requirements.

  • Compact, the door can be placed near the work place.
  • Interlocking, in the frames non-contact switches are mounted to monitor the door position and prevent restart if the door is unclosed.
  • Fast and silent drive with opening speed up to 2,5 m/s. Drive system is designed for up to 6 opening cycles per minut, without overheating the motor.
  • Photocell curtain, integrated in the frame, covers the full opening and reverses the door if obstructed by any object.
  • Door panel, 2 mm thick PVC-coated fabric with smooth finish, antistate-proof, with insulted carbon fiber wires. Resistant to most chemicals, welding splash and UV-readiation.
  • Flexible control, can be programmed for all types of operating functions.
  • The door is prepared for remote control with connections for signals open/close from external equipment like pushbuttons or a superior control system.
  • The doors have a robust design, thick door panel and only a few wear parts. It means no need to replace the entire door even after long time operating.
  • Stable specially designed posts are included in the delivery. Customized for each unique order.

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